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Zebra Amigurumi

I made this stuffed zebra a few months ago. This was my first experience making a stuffed animal/crochet amigurumi, and it was super fun! All of the parts are made separately and then sewn together at the end. This pattern is by Repeat Crafter Me (link below).

Here are some other angles of the zebra:

The mane/fringe part on the back gives the zebra a cute little hair-do and was actually easier to make than I thought it was going to be!

Zebra comes out fairly large when finished and legs attached, which makes it the perfect size for some squishy cuddles from the little ones! Or also looks great sitting on a shelf or ledge.

Click HERE for the free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me. She is so good about explaining all of the materials and steps. I hope you enjoy making it!

**You may make and sell any items made from my patterns, but please link back to my post or LoopsAndLoveCrochet. Please do not copy and post and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish my photos as your own. Thank you for respecting the many hours that go into designing and writing new crochet patterns!**

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