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V-Stitch Infinity Scarf

This is the time of year when I start to think about fall and winter coming. The leaves have started changing color here and we have already had some chilly fall days, and even a few snowflakes have dusted the ground.

I am not a huge fan of the months of cold and snow ahead, but I am looking forward to crocheting all those winter items that I took a break from over the summer. Bring on the crochet scarves, hats, blankets, coffee mug cozies, and all the other warm and cozy items you can think of!

This crochet infinity scarf is perfect to keep you warm this fall and winter. It is made with one Caron Chunky Cake and is worked up in half double crochet v-stitches, which give it lots of squishy, chunky, texture.

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Because of the super bulky yarn weight and the stitch repeats, this scarf works up pretty quickly, and it also beginner friendly.

This is the first time that I used a Caron Chunky Cake. There are so many color combinations to choose from, but the Plum Perfect cake had all of my favorite colors together in the same cake so I couldn’t resist it! Sometimes it is nice to skip all of the color matching decisions in a crochet project, plus there weren’t any extra ends to weave in!

When finished, this scarf measures approximately 8″ wide and 65″ long (sewn together into one loop).

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These are my favorite hooks!! Plus, they’re actually on sale right now on Amazon! They are super nice on the hands and glide through the yarn! There is no 8mm hook in this set (the biggest is 6mm), but it’s such a great deal that I couldn’t resist pointing it out and the hook sizes included are great for most crochet projects, just not ones with chunky or bulky yarn.

Stitches Used:

  • Ch – chain
  • HDC – half double crochet
  • HDC V-Stitch – half double crochet v-stitch (HDC, Ch 1, HDC all in one stitch)

Important Notes:

  • The chain 2 at the beginning of the round DOES NOT count as a stitch.
  • If you want an open scarf instead of an infinity scarf, you can choose not to sew the ends together when you are finished.
  • This scarf is about 8 inches wide by 65 inches long (before being sewn together into the infinity loop). If you’d like to change the width of the scarf to make it thinner or wider, use multiples of 4 for the starting chain. For example, you could chain to 16 instead of 20 to make the scarf a little less wide.

The Pattern

Chain 20

Row 1: In 4th chain from hook, HDC V-stitch. Skip next chain, HDC V-stitch in next. Repeat until there are 2 chains left. Skip next chain, HDC in last. Chain 2, turn. (8 HDC V-stitches and 1 HDC). (See photo instructions below)

Row 2: HDC V-stitch in each HDC V-stitch space from the previous row. HDC in last stitch. Chain 2, turn. (See photo instructions below)

Repeat row 2 until you run out yarn to complete the next row. Leave a long enough tail of yarn to sew ends together. *Note- if you yarn changes color right before the end, you might have a section of color that is smaller than the other sections.  Depending on the size of the section, you can decide if you want the smaller color section or just end off early.

Fasten off. I chose to sew the scarf together to make an infinity scarf. If you’d prefer to keep your scarf as one long piece, you can do that as well! If you’d like to sew it together, read on for some instructions and photos on how to sew the ends together with an almost hidden seam.

Photo tutorial: How to make HDC V-stitches (plus row 1 instructions)

Photo tutorial: Instructions for Row 2 (and following rows)


Sewing together scarf ends to make it an infinity scarf:

Step 1: Fold scarf in half so one of the ends is on top of the other end. Before you start sewing, make sure your scarf is not twisted.

Step 2: Join your yarn through the other scarf layer at the corner. Sew in and out of each stitch by moving your yarn needle in and out from under each stitch. I found this the best way to hide the seam so it blends with the rest of the color changes better. Make sure you don’t pull your yarn too tight, or your scarf may start bunching.

Step 3: Weave in ends. Now you have an infinity scarf!

You will have a slight seam on one side of the scarf, but if you flip it around to the other side, the seam should be almost unnoticeable.

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