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Mini Kitty Amigurumi – Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of the Mini Kitty Amigurumi CAL! I’m so excited that you are joining us in this crochet along! We are going to have so much fun making these sweet Mini Kitties!

If you are just joining us now, check out THIS POST for all of the CAL details, like the dates and materials needed. If you are joining in after the CAL is over, don’t worry! This pattern will always be available free on the blog, even after the CAL is over.

Today we will be making the legs and body of the Mini Kitty Amigurumi. You’ll need your yarn in both the main and accent color, your crochet hook, and your stuffing! First, we will start by making the two legs, Then we will join them together and work up the body!

Feel free to share a photo of each part of this CAL, or ask questions along the way, in the Loops and Love Crochet Group on Facebook. It adds to the fun and community of working on a pattern together with others!

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Mini Kitty Amigurumi – Part 1: Legs and Body

Important Notes:
  • Magic Circle – Make a circle with your yarn, insert crochet hook into circle and draw up a loop. Use this loop to start your first chain 1 of the pattern. Check out this magic circle video tutorial on my YouTube Channel.
  • Continuous Rounds – This pattern is worked in continuous rounds without joining. After you finish the stitches of one round, start right on the next without joining between. I find it handy to use a stitch marker (or a piece of yarn) to mark the start of each round so you know when each round starts/ends.
  • Color Changes – change colors at the end of the round in the last stitch of the round. Complete last single crochet of the round until the last yarn over. Yarn over with new color and pull through last step of the single crochet. So your single crochet will go like this: insert hook into last stitch, pull up a loop, yarn over with new color, pull through both loops on hook.  Optional – To make your color changes even less noticeable, make your first stitch of the next round a slip stitch instead of a single crochet.
  • Stuff as you go – Add stuffing to the legs, body and head as you work it up. Make sure you are finished stuffing the legs and the body section before your decreases make the opening too narrow when starting the head. Also, be sure to add a generous amount of stuffing to the neck area before you move on to the head. This will help keep the head secure and prevent it from wobbling.  
  • Finished size – When you’re done, your Mini Kitty Amigurumi will measure about 6.5 inches tall.

The Pattern

LEGS (make 2)

*Stuff the legs as you go. Make sure that you firmly stuff the legs and body sections, but not so firmly that you can see the stuffing through the stitches.

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Round 1: In accent color, magic circle, chain 1, 6 SC into ring. (6)

Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around. (12)

Rounds 3-4: SC in each stitch around (12) 

Change to main kitty color (see notes on working color changes above)

Rounds 5-9: SC in each stitch around (12)

Add one extra SC stitch to the first leg and then fasten off and cut yarn (leaving a tail). This extra stitch will help keep your color change more in between the legs and less visible. Follow the instructions above again to work up the second leg.

Stuff the legs about ¾ of the way up (leaving space at the top of the leg so that when you start working the body, the stuffing isn’t getting caught in your stitches).

When you finish working up the second leg, do not fasten off. Instead, add an extra SC stitch to the second leg (just like you did on the first leg) and then continue to the body instructions below to join the legs and work up the body.


Round 1: Joining the legs. On the second leg, chain 2, and then join the legs with a SC in the next stitch on the first leg (after where you fastened off). Continue to SC in each stitch around the first leg. When you are around to the chain stitches, SC in each of the 2 chains and then continue to SC in each of the stitches on the second. Lastly, SC in each of the 2 chain stitches again (this will be on the other side of the chain). You’ll have made a total of 28 SC stitches this round. This is the end of round 1 of the body and you’ll start round 2 from here (use a stitch marker to keep track of where your rounds start and end, if needed). See the photo below for help with joining the legs.

Note – When joining the legs, if you are having trouble working the SC stitches into both sides of the chain 2, I find it helpful to keep my chain flat and insert my hook into each of the chain stitches from the bottom of the chain. This helps make sure that I am crocheting in one side of the chain in the first part of the round, and then crocheting in the other side of the chain in the last part of the round, without twisting the chain.

I made a quick video tutorial to help you with the steps below for joining legs in amigurumi projects. The only difference in the video is that there are no chain stitches between the legs, otherwise the steps will be the same. You can find the video tutorial on this page or on YouTube HERE! (It would also be super awesome if you subscribed to my channel while you’re there! 😊)

Rounds 2-3: SC in each stitch around (28)  Change to accent color

Round 4: SC in each stitch around (28)

Round 5: Work this round in the back loops only. BLO SC in each stitch around (28)

Rounds 6-8: SC in each stitch around. (28)

Round 9: INV DEC, SC in next 5 stitches, repeat around. (24)

*Reminder to continue stuffing the body as you go, making sure you add enough stuffing to the legs/body before you get to the head.

Rounds 10-12: SC in each stitch around (24)

Round 13: INV DEC, SC in next 2 stitches, repeat around (18)

Round 14: SC in each stitch around (18)

Round 15: INV DEC, SC in next stitch, repeat around (12)

Round 16: SC in each stitch around (12)

You’re all finished PART 1 of the CAL! Great job! Now, don’t fasten off here or cut your yarn because when PART 2 is released, you’ll be making a color change to the head color and will need to work that color change in that last stitch of the dress color.

Here is what your legs and body should look like when you are finished with PART 1! I hope you’ve enjoyed this part of the pattern!

Now you can check out the next parts of the pattern! I’ll activate the links when each part is posted!

Feel free to share your progress photo for this part of the pattern in the group! We’d love to see it!

*You may make and sell any items made from my patterns, but please link back to my blog or Loops & Love Crochet as the designer. Please do not copy this pattern or photos and share as your own, in part or in whole.  Instead, link back to the Loops and Love Crochet blog (especially when selling items you make from my patterns). Thank you!