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Crochet Snowflake Bag – Free Crochet Pattern

This little Crochet Snowflake Bag makes the perfect bag for a holiday gift, or for a little one to carry throughout the winter season. Keep on reading below for the free crochet pattern!

The body of this bag is made in tapestry crochet, which adds some extra fun in working it up. You’ll start out by working the rounds that create the bag base, then you’ll move on to the bag body for the snowflake design, and finish up with working the handles/straps. This bag is currently unlined, but you can sew a lining in after, if you’d like your bag to have one.

This pattern is released as part of a Christmas in July event with Stephanie of Grace and Yarn! For four weeks in July, we are releasing one pattern a week! To see all four patterns released during this event, head to the post HERE!

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Stitches Used:

  • Ch – chain
  • Sl St – slip stitch
  • SC – single crochet
  • BLO SC – single crochet in the back loops only

Finished Size:

  • When finished, this bag measures approx. 9 inches wide by 9 inches tall, not including the handles.


  • Gauge is not critical to this pattern turning out, however, for reference, 2 inches square is approximately 8 rows of 8 SC stitches.

Important Notes:

  • Joined Rounds– This bag is made in joined rounds. At the end of each round, you will be joining the last stitch of the round to the first one with a slip stitch. Then you will chain 1 and start the next round in the same stitch. This will create a more hidden seam. Chain 1 stitches do not count towards stitch count.
  • Color Changes – The majority of this bag is worked in tapestry crochet. You will be changing from your main to accent color often and carrying the color you are not using along with you under/behind your stitches.  To change colors, complete the last single crochet in the first color up until the last yarn over. Yarn over with the new color and pull through last step of the single crochet stitch. So, your SC will go like this: insert hook into last stitch in the first color, pull up a loop, yarn over with the new color, pull through all loops on hook. Now you will be working in the new color until you change colors again.
  • Tapestry Crochet Tips – You will be carrying the inactive yarn color behind the active yarn you are using. Try to keep your tension a little on the tighter side to help keep the stitches tightly together and hide the yarn you are carrying from showing between the stitches. In this snowflake pattern, any white that shows between the stitches has a snow effect, so try not to worry too much about it! As an alternative, you can drop the yarn and pick it up again when you need it, but the inside of your bag will show all of the places where the yarn was carried across. If you plan to add a lining to your bag, dropping the unused yarn color and picking it back up when needed is a good option instead of carrying it along the whole bag body.

Snowflake Bag – Tapestry Crochet and Graph Instructions

Below you’ll find the graph I created for the snowflake design for the bag body. Each box counts as one SC stitch (all stitches are worked in the back loops only). You will be switching back and forth between 2 colors (blue and white, or your chosen main and accent colors). Remember to carry your inactive yarn along with you under your stitches. Make all color changes in the last part of the SC in the previous color. See Important Notes for more details.

Note: the graph is only 40 boxes wide, but your stitch count will be 80. Therefore, you will be working this section of the graph twice (once for the front of the bag and once for the back of the bag) to get to the 80 stitches.

To read this graph, you will be starting at the bottom right and working your way upwards. Each row starts on the right and ends on the left (left to right if you are left-handed and working the opposite direction). I have also provided written instructions for the color changes in each round in the written instructions below, in case you prefer to use that.

Round 1 of the bag body matches with row 1 of the graph, and so on as you move upwards.  After you work the last row of the graph, you’ll work a few more rounds of the main color, following the instructions for the handles.

pixel graph showing snowflakes.
Bag Base

Row/Round 1: In main color, Ch 39, work 2 SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC in each stitch across, make 4 SC in last chain. Now, continue around so you are working on the other side of the chain. SC in each stitch across, make 2 SC in last stitch (this will be in the same stitch as your first 2 SC of the round). Join with a sl st to first SC, ch 1. (80)

Bag Body

Now you will start the body (height) of the bag. Continue in the same color you used for the bag base.  

Rounds 1-30: BLO SC in each stitch around, join, ch 1 (80)

**The written instructions below indicate how many stitches in each color you’ll make as you work around the bag. Follow these instructions below or refer to the graph above.

b = blue (main color)        w = white (accent color)

Round 1: b80

Round 2: b80

Round 3: b80

Round 4: b80

Round 5: *b6, w1, b5, w1, b27, repeat from *

Round 6: *b6, w2, b3, w2, b27, repeat from *

Round 7: *b6, w3, b1, w3, b27, repeat from *

Round 8: *b3, w3, b1, w2, b1, w2, b1, w3, b24, repeat from *

Round 9: *b4, w3, b1, w1, b1, w1, b1, w3, b25, repeat from *

Round 10: *b5, w3, b3, w3, b26, repeat from *

Round 11: *b9, w1, b30, repeat from *

Round 12: *b5, w3, b3, w3, b6, w1, b3, w1, b7, w1, b3, w1, b3, repeat from *

Round 13: *b4, w3, b1, w1, b1, w1, b1, w3, b7, w1, b1, w2, b5, w2, b1, w1, b5, repeat from *

Round 14: *b3, w3, b1, w2, b1, w2, b1, w3, b5, w2, b1, w3, b3, w3, b1, w2, b4, repeat from *

Round 15: *b6, w3, b1, w3, b11, w4, b1, w4, b7, repeat from *

Round 16: *b6, w2, b3, w2, b7, w4, b1, w3, b1, w3, b1, w4, b3, repeat from *

Round 17: *b6, w1, b5, w1, b8, w4, b1, w2, b1, w2, b1, w4, b4, repeat from *

Round 18: *b22, w4, b1, w1, b1, w1, b1, w4, b5, repeat from *

Round 19: *b23, w4, b3, w4, b6, repeat from *

Round 20: *b28, w1, b11, repeat from *

Round 21: *b23, w4, b3, w4, b6, repeat from *

Round 22: *b22, w4, b1, w1, b1, w1, b1, w4, b5, repeat from *

Round 23: *b21, w4, b1, w2, b1, w2, b1, w4, b4, repeat from *

Round 24: *b20, w4, b1, w3, b1, w3, b1, w4, b3, repeat from *

Round 25: *b24, w4, b1, w4, b7, repeat from *

Round 26: *b21, w2, b1, w3, b3, w3, b1, w2, b4, repeat from *

Round 27: *b22, w1, b1, w2, b5, w2, b1, w1, b5, repeat from *

Round 28: *b20, w1, b3, w1, b7, w1, b3, w1, b3, repeat from *

Round 29: b80

Round 30: b80

*This is the end of the tapestry crochet section. Keep your yarn attached as you will be working the handles in the same color. Carry the white yarn for a few more stitches to secure it, or a whole round if you’d like. Then you may drop and cut it and complete the rest of the bag.

Bag Handles/Straps

In the next few rounds, you’ll be working the handles in regular SC stitches (through both loops – not back loop only). If you would like longer handles/straps, you can add chain stitches as needed to increase the length.

Round 31: SC in first 12 stitches, chain 30, skip 19 stitches, SC in next 20, chain 30, skip 19 stitches, SC in last 10, join, ch 1.

Round 32: SC in each stitch around and in each of the chain stitches (to form the handles), join, ch 1. (102)

Round 33: SC in each stitch around, join.

*Note: If you’d like wider handles, you can repeat another round or two of SC before fastening off.

Fasten off. Weave in ends. You’re all done your Snowflake Bag! I hope you love it!

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