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Clover Tassel Maker Tutorial – Tassels Made Easy

Learn how to make perfect tassels every time with the Clover Tassel Maker! Add tassels to your crochet and DIY projects quickly and easily!

Clover Tassel Maker with tassels, beads, and yarn

Tassels are so fun to make, especially when you can make perfect ones every time. Add tassels to your crochet projects like pillow, bags, blankets, or make jewelry with tassels too!

Today, I’ll be showing you how to use the Clover Tassel Maker to make a fun little tassel to add to any project. I added mine to the zipper of a cute little mosaic crochet pouch that I just designed. With the Clover Tassel Maker, you can make our own custom tassels in any color and size you desire!  

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mosaic crochet bag with tassels

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  • Clover Tassel Maker (Small or Large size). I’m using the small size for this tutorial.
  • Yarn or embroidery thread for making tassels – depending on how large or thick you’d like your tassel. I’m using WeCrochet Shine Worsted (#4) Cotton Yarn for this tutorial.
  • Scissors – sharper is better
  • Yarn needle – optional, to attach the tassel to the zipper.

Clover Tassel Maker Details

When choosing your Clover Tassel Maker, you’ll notice there are two sizes available. I’m using the small size for this tutorial, but there is a larger size available too. Here is the break down of the difference in the two sizes:

  • Small Tassel Maker – allows you to make tassels of three different sizes: 1 3/16”, 1 9/16”, and 2”.
  • Large Tassel Maker – allows you to make tassels in five different sizes: 2 3/8”, 2 3/4″, and 4.”

For this tutorial, I’m using worsted-weight #4 yarn, but you can use any yarn, embroidery thread, cord, or your chosen fiber based on the size and thickness of tassel you’d like.

Photo and Video Tutorial

Below you’ll find the photo tutorial and step-by-step instructions for using your tassel maker. I also made a video tutorial that you can find here: Clover Tassel Maker – Video Tutorial

Step 1

First, you’ll want to decide which type of yarn, thread, or cord you are going to use for your tassel and also how big of a tassel you’d like to make. If you’d like to make the smallest size, you can leave your tassel maker as is. However, if you’d like to make the medium or largest size, you’ll need to unscrew the little white knobs a bit and then open the tassel maker to either the medium or large setting.  My tassel is done at the largest setting.

Once you pick the size of tassel and set up your tassel maker accordingly, you get ready to wrap your yarn. The back of the tassel maker with the arrows on it is the side you want facing you. Those arrows mark the middle of the tassel maker, depending on the size of tassel you are making.

Start by tucking your yarn under the edge at the left side of the maker, then bring your yarn up and over the top and around to the back. Continue wrapping your yarn around the maker. The number of times will depend on how thick of a tassel you’d like and the weight of yarn or thread you are using. The one I am making here in worsted-weight #4 yarn was wrapped 10-12 times. If you are using a thinner yarn or embroidery thread, I’d recommend you wrap about 20-25 times.

tassel maker with yarn wrapped

Step 2

Once you have wrapped your yarn the desired amount of times, tuck it under the edge on the right side of the maker to hold it in place. Cut the end.

clover tassel maker with wrapped yarn

Step 3

Next you’ll need to cut another piece of yarn, thread, or cord that will be used as the loop that hangs the tassel. This can be in any color, same or different from the tassel. I chose a complementing color to my bag that I’m making the tassel for.  Make a loop with that yarn and tie it. The length will depend on how long you want string to hang tassel to be.  You can’t really change this length afterwards, unless you cut it and tie a new knot which will be quite noticeable.

Step 4

Take your knotted yarn loop and push it down into the center of your wrapped yarn so that it is sitting in the middle between the two layers. Make sure the knot is below the arrows that line up with the middle of the tassel maker. If you are using the larger size of tassel maker, you’ll look at the largest arrow that is where the screws are. For the medium and smaller sized tassel, the medium or smaller sized arrows will be marking the center of the maker.

Step 5

Using a strand of the same yarn as you used for wrapping around the tassel maker, tie a knot around the center of the wrapped yarn. Knot your yarn 2-3 times so it is secure. Again, use those arrows as a guide for where your knot should be. Make sure that the knot from the loop you tucked in in step 4 is below the know you are tying now. This is so the hanging loop doesn’t slide out of the tassel.

how to make a tassel

Step 6

Next you will be cutting the wrapped yarn to form your tassel. Along the top and bottom edge of the maker there is a ridge for your scissors to travel through when cutting your wrapped yarn. Be sure to hold your tassel maker tightly and use your thumb and middle finger to keep the knot in the center in place. To cut the wrapped yarn, run your scissors through the ridge at the top and bottom of the maker.  

how to use the clover tassel maker

Step 7

Once both sides are cut, your tassel is now detached from the maker.

Step 8

Pick up your tassel by the loop and drop all of the ends so they are facing downwards. You may need to move around the strands a little bit to make sure the knotted loop is in the center of the tassel and the ends are evenly spread around the center. Play around with your tassel until you are happy with how everything is sitting and the knotted yarn in the center is not sticking out (you can trim the end of the knotted yarn if it’s long and sticking out visibly).

Step 9

Cut a strand of yarn in another color. I chose another complementing color to my crochet bag. Hold your tassel carefully and wrap the yarn around the top of the tassel 3-4 times and then tie a knot. If you want an invisible knot that’s underneath, please see the video tutorial for the technique. Otherwise, you can just have the knot of the back of the tassel.

You may also want to embellish your tassel with beads. I threaded the loop of the tassel through my yarn needle and then slid the beads on. I also tied a knot at the top of the beads to prevent them from sliding around.

Step 10

Lastly, I attached the tassel to the zipper of my bag. Thread the yarn loop onto your yarn needle, pass it through the hole at the end of the zipper, and then pass the end of the tassel through the loop of the yarn. This will make a knot to secure the tassel to the zipper. If your tassel loop is too long, you can also cut it and tie it to the zipper.

You’re all done! I hope you love your tassel! Now you can have fun making them in all different colors to add to all of your bags, pillows, blankets, and any project!

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